Lena's Nest by Rosalie Warren

Lena Curtis, a scientist from the present day, emerges from a coma into a world that is somehow not quite right. Slowly and reluctantly she becomes convinced of the terrifying truth. Can she trace what has become of her children? Can she find a way to exist in this frightening new reality? Might friendship and even love be possible, or will she choose an alternative that, at great cost, will allow her to return to some semblance of her former life?

"A brilliant piece of writing. Exquisitely terrifying."

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Coping With Chloe by Rosalie Warren

Anna and Chloe are twins. They share everything from secrets to clothes, from fending off the school bully to dealing with their parents' separation. Even Chloe's terrible accident hasn't split them apart. But Anna is beginning to realise that being inseparable isn't always easy. Told through the eyes and mind of 12-year-old Anna, this is a powerful novel exploring teenage life and the grieving process.  

"A book that ought to be on any teenage girl or boy's book case." 

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Charity's Child by Rosalie Warren

Charity, aged 14, comes to live in the wind-battered town of Castlehaven on the Yorkshire coast where she meets Joanne and becomes involved in a small, wildly enthusiastic Christian group known as the Crabbies. When Charity becomes pregnant, the big question is the identity of the father, especially as Charity insists that she is a virgin and that God is the father of her child. Joanne struggles to help her but the truth, when it emerges, shakes the Crabbies and the wider Castlehaven community to the core. 

"Compulsive reading and the characters and issues have stayed with me since completing it. A testament to powerful story-telling."

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Alexa's Song by Rosalie Warren

A horrific incident at music college wrecks Alexa’s ambition to be a classical composer. Several years later, computer professional Steve robs his brother Jake of Alexa’s love. Jake, who is bipolar, fights a constant battle between his need to paint and the medication he believes destroys his creativity. Amid all the uncertainty, can Jake win back Alexa? Alexa’s Song explores the complex relationships between creativity, ambition, desire and love.

"A great story with an unexpected twist."

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Low Tide, Lunan Bay by Rosalie Warren 

Abbie has come through a difficult divorce and is trying to build a new life with her 11-year-old twin girls. Her friend Kate persuades her to try internet dating and after a couple of false starts she meets Bill. Their first meeting goes well and Abbie is optimistic. But when the twins start having nightmares and behaving badly at school, Abbie begins to wonder if her new relationship with Bill is somehow responsible. When the truth emerges, it is far from anything Abbie expected and strains the family to breaking point.  

"Well written and entertaining. I enjoyed this book a lot."

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Coventry Tales by Rosalie Warren and other authors

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step back in time and live in the Coventry of yesteryear, or longed to discover the mystic powers of the Coventry Ring? Do you want to know what Lady Godiva was like to live with or see the Wild Zebras of Binley? Fifteen local authors have contributed to this colourful collection of short stories and poems, inspired by the city and people of Coventry.

"A cracking little book."

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