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    img.clipartpig.comHello and a very warm welcome to my new website and blog. I’ll be blogging regularly on here on the theme of ‘Books I’d like to see on film/radio/TV’ (The title may yet change if I can think of a better one – suggestions welcome!)

    The idea is that you send me titles of books you think would work on screen –  or as a radio or theatre play, come to that. Any genre is welcome, though I don’t like extreme horror and violence and would be unlikely to read the book in that case. Send me the title, author, and your reasons for thinking this particular book would work well in the medium you suggest. Feel free to suggest actors and directors too, and any ideas you may have for how it should be played or filmed. If it’s already been made into a film (or whatever) and you think it should be done again, differently and better, that’s fine.

    Oh, I should add that it’s OK to suggest your own book or one written by a friend, but please be upfront about that, and tell me why it would work on film (etc) and how you’d go about it.

    I’ve already got a list of suggestions made to me by various colleagues and friends, to get me started, but I look forward very much to hearing from you – either to recommend a book or to comment on a previous post and let me know what you think. When you next pick up a book, ask yourself, ‘Would this work on TV, film or as a play?’ and if you think it might, get in touch.

    Take care and happy reading.



  2. Hello there

    Just to keep you updated - I'm reading! I've had a number of great suggestions of books that might translate well to the big or small screen, including Ophelia Rising by Umberto Tosi, Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler and More Than Just Coincidence by Julie Wassmer. I'm busy reading (and enjoying) the first of these, so please keep a lookout for updates on here.

    Meanwhile, happy reading, and please let me have your further suggestions for books that would make great films, TV series or plays.

    Best wishes,