Coping with Chloe

Coping with Chloe

Phoenix Yard Books 2011,
ISBN 978-1907912023

Anna and Chloe are twins.

They share everything – from secrets to clothes; from fending off the school bully to dealing with their parents’ separation. Even Chloe’s terrible accident hasn’t split them apart. After all, twins have a special bond....

But Anna is beginning to realise that being inseparable isn’t always easy. Especially when no one else seems to understand that Chloe isn’t really gone; no one apart from the dashing Joe that is, who, inconveniently, seems to like both sisters.

Told through the eyes and mind of 12-year-old Anna, this is a powerful novel exploring teenage life and the grieving process.

This has established Warren as an author I'm keen to read more of in the future and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to young teen readers, but it's an original enough idea and execution that people several years older than the characters here will still enjoy it. (4.5 stars out of 5)

Robert James,

A well-crafted, sympathetically written thriller which tries out some extraordinary – but quite believable – ideas about the kind of things that can go on in human heads.

Kay Green, Editor, Circaidy Gregory Press

Warren has a wonderfully light comic touch while being able to deal with real issues.  I look forward to reading more from her and from Phoenix Yard.

Reviewer: Lou Treleaven, writer and book blogger


The author says:

"I am fascinated by the mystery of twins, the way the human brain works and how we come to terms with painful losses in our lives. I was musing on these things when the character of Anna appeared out of the blue and started talking…and her story grew from there. It’s completely up to you how you interpret this book. There isn’t necessarily one ‘correct’ explanation of what happens to Anna; she is just telling you what is real to her."